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    Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

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    Hacettepe University (Business Administration) Yeditepe University (Gastronomy and Culinary Arts)


Instructor chef, Culinary culture researcher and  food communication specialist. Graduated from Hacettepe University, Bussines Administration(Eng.) & Yeditepe University, Gastronomy & Culinary Arts (Eng.) departments. Get a master’s degree of Austria Wien Faculty of Agriculture, Oenology & Vineyard Science (Wine & Vineyard Economics) & University of Wien, Botanics Departments.
Work as official Consultant Coordinator chef of Conservatory Of Mediterranean Cuisines which is an international platform known as specialized for communications of Food and Culinary Culure Publicity & Consultancy.

He worked as a Lecturer & Chef Intructor of ICE Institute of Culinary Education, Florance APICIUS International School of Hospitality and Okan University. Represents Turkish food culture and cultural heritage for T.C. Ministry of Foreign AffairsT.C. Cultural and Tourism Ministry, as a member of Les Chaine Des Rotisseurs  for International Olive Council and  Conservatory Of Mediterranean Cuisines all over the world over ten years. Besides this he is included a project professional scope of Food Culture for Europian Union projects.
He has some articles and contributions as a stylist chef for magazines and books about food & life ; “Yemek ve Kültür,  Bir Denizin Çevresinden Benzer Sofralar (Tr. ve Eng. edition) and Laf Söyledi Balkabağı Ottoman Series:I” Aile Aşçısı, 100 Türlü Sebze 100 Türlü Çorba 100 Yumurta Pişirme Usulleri, Ev Hanımlarına Mahsus Alafranga Pastacılık ve Kaz Dağları’ndan Bir Lezzet Öyküsü”