Dear Students of Antalya Bilim University,  

Our university started the Spring Semester of Academic Year 2022-2023 with remote education in line with the decision taken by the Council of Higher Education due to the Kahramanmaraş centered earthquake that occurred on February 6, 2023. Our city was included among Earthquake Zone Supporting Cities. Within this scope, the Girls’ Dormitory in our campus was allocated for the use of earthquake victims who are still accommodated there. The Council of Higher Education announced their decision on March 30, 2023, that face-to-face and remote education be simultaneously conducted.  

It is thought that students from other cities have left their dormitories and rented houses due to the previous decision taken with regards to remote education. As earthquake victims are still accommodated in dormitories of the Institution of Credit and Dormitories, our university will conduct both face-to-face and remote education simultaneously so that our students will not be disadvantaged. Within this framework, face-to-face education will start on April 10, 2023, Monday, provided that accommodation is not requested from the Institute of Credit and Dormitories.  

In line with this decision, necessary preparations will be completed between April 3 and 10 to provide faceto-face and remote education simultaneously.  

It is highly important that students who can take care of the accommodation problem through their own means (especially students in Dentistry, Health Sciences, Fine Arts and Architecture, Tourism, Gastronomy and Health Services) join face-to-face education, and those who cannot take care of the accommodation problem continue with remote education. More detailed information about the education process will be shared with you by the administrations of Faculties/Vocational Schools. You can also contact them and your advisors for more information.  

Midterm exams in the Spring Semester will be held online. Decisions to be made about additional courses, single courses and final exams will be announced later. 

 I am hoping that the process runs smoothly for our university, academicians and students, and I extend my regards to everyone.  

Rectorate of Antalya Bilim University