The winner of The Second Spaghetti Bridge Competition which was organized by Civil Engineering Department and ConstrucTogether at Antalya Bilim University is the team named Zeitgeist from Akdeniz University. In the competition, 12 teams competed  with their 12 unique bridges they designed by using their theoritical and practical skills. Civil Engineering and Architecture students, as well as Computer Engineering and Industrial Engineering students participated in the competition. Dean of College of Engineering and Civil Engineering Department Chair Prof. Necati Ağıralioğlu, Dean of College of Fine Arts and Architecture Prof. Ayşe Sağsöz and other faculty members Prof. Serkan Tapkın, Asst Prof. Hamid Farrokh Ghatte, Asst Prof. Ali Danandeh Mehr, Asst Prof. Emre Demir, Asst Prof. Hülya Aybek and Dr. Ramazan Sarı were jury members for aesthetic evaluation. The competiton was watched by all students in the university and the statical evaluation section  was the most enjoyable and exciting time of the competition which will be an unforgettable memory for all students who witness. The first place in the competition was awarded 2000 TL, for second and third place 1000 and 500 TL were given respectively. We would like to thank our Rector, Prof. İsmail YÜKSEK, who supported our competition, and all our students who participated in our competition.