A collaboration project between Antalya Bilim University (ABU), Barut and Rixos Hotels in line with the objectives of the Ministry of National Education and Tourism to train future tourism managers, to close the skilled labour shortage in the tourism sector and to support vocational high school graduates to continue their higher education.

Thanks to the ABU project Tourism Team Future, İbrahim Kaan Kızıl and Fatih Kamil Yavuz have just started their higher education in Cookery and Gastronomy and Culinary Arts at ABU, respectively.

According to the framework of this project, while the meal costs for lunch will be covered by ABU  tuition fees and educational expenses will be defrayed by the ABU partner hotels, namely Barut and Rixos.  Students, on the other hand, will do their internships in these hotels each year during their higher education programme to gain work experience. Since the students will have completed their internships at various hotel departments throughout their higher education, they will be awarded an employment priority after graduation.