An Informative Meeting for the College of Tourism was held at Rixos Downtown Hotel

At the event, held by ABU College of Tourism, approximately 40 high school principals and psychological counselling and guidance teachers were informed about, “high quality tourism education,” and the education concept at ABU College of Tourism. Among the topics addressed in the educative meeting were the current state of tourism in Turkey, a glance at the future, our education concept, our programs, Erasmus programs, our shadow manager application, our internships, and the support and opportunities provided by our university. In addition, it was reported that our graduates have an almost 100% job guarantee, and that the sector needs a qualified workforce. Also present at the event were our Rector, Prof. Dr. İsmail Yüksek, the Vice Rector, Prof. Dr. Hamza Kandur, our Dean, Prof. Dr. Fatma Bike Kocaoğlu, the General Manager of Rixos Hotel, Onur Özdiker and Antalya Bilim University students, Selin Kahraman and Merve Özkan. After the meeting, presented by Lecturer Gözdegül Başer, teachers expressed their wish to visit our university with their students, and invited us to visit their schools.