Antalya Bilim University Has Signed Protocol With Osmanlı Coffee Co.

A protocol of cooperation was signed between Antalya Bilim University and Osmanlı Coffee Co.

Rector of Antalya Bilim University Professor İsmail Yüksek, Head of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Professor Semih Özkan and ABU TTO team attended the cooperation protocol, signed at Antalya Bilim University Döşemealtı Campus. CEO of Osmanlı Coffee Co. Boğaçhan Göksu, General Manager Mehmet Ali Göksu, Assistant General Managers Ali Uğursaytürk, Muzaffer Perker and Kaan Turhan also were in the protocol.

R&D support will be provided

Antalya Bilim University Technology Transfer Office will provide academic consultancy service to Osmanlı Coffee Co. Along with R&D support, TTO will collaborate with product analysis services. Osmanlı Coffee Co., operating in the Mediterranean Region with 180 branches around Turkey, and Antalya Bilim University, continuing education since 2012 in the Mediterranean, will produce new projects to add value to the Region.