The mission of the Computer Engineering Department is to create human resources that can meet the current and future needs in the field of computer science. This mission includes training computer engineers for leading positions in both industry and academia. In this context, it is aimed to provide students with superior quantitative reasoning and engineering design skills with a contemporary targeted education system. Approximately 80 students attend undergraduate education in our department every year, according to the average of the last two years. All of the departmental courses are in English. In addition, our students actively benefit from Erasmus and Farabi programs and we also have guest students with these programs. It is paid attention that the programs and software used in the courses are mostly open software and it is aimed to familiarize students with this open software philosophy. With many assignments and projects given in technical courses, it is aimed that our graduates will have strong theoretical and practical aspects. In the 4th grade, most of the curriculum consists of elective courses and our students are encouraged to specialize in different fields of Computer Engineering and to have knowledge in non-engineering fields.