Antalya Bilim University Disabled Students Unit determines the academic, administrative, physical, psychological, accommodation, and social needs of disabled students studying at our university, It operates under the Rectorate in order to plan, implement and develop the studies that need to be done in this field, evaluate the results of the studies and increase their social participation.

Antalya Bilim University Disabled Students Unit approaches the problems determined according to the results of the interviews and evaluations made with the disadvantaged and special needs students who apply to the unit and conducts interviews with units such as Student Affairs, Health, Psychological Counseling and Guidance Application and Research Center, Sports, Culture and Art Directorate, Department Advisor, Department Head.

Any student studying at Antalya Bilim University and reporting their disability can apply to the Disabled Student Unit in academic terms. The Disabled Student Unit assists students with disabilities on issues that need reasonable adjustment in the academic field such as lessons, exams, assignments, and when and how these can be resolved and with whom to communicate.