Message of the Director of the Vocational School of Health Services


Dear Students of Antalya Bilim University, Vocational School of Health Services;

There are many innovations in our ever-changing and ever-improving world, and ABU Vocational School of Health Services has taken the “Entrepreneur and Innovative University” vision as principle by following these developments and focusing on constantly getting better. In the light of technological and scientific developments that have taken place in the field of health in recent years, the research and service carried out in this field emphasize not only treatment of diseases, but also prevention of diseases and sustainability of health. Therefore, as Antalya Bilim University Vocational School of Health Services, our aim is not only to give our students a diploma in their fields, but also to train them as technicians with ethical values who can implement healthcare at international standards within the framework of  Quality Management System. Within this scope, we are trying to train healthcare professionals who can view human beings and science from a different perspective, possess a strong infrastructure of knowledge and skills at national and international levels and adhere to ethical values.

Our curriculum consists of theoretical and applied courses that involve implementation of acquired knowledge in the field. We have a wide range of application areas consisting of public and private health institutions. As Antalya is a tourism city, our university and vocational school are commonly preferred by students from different countries. Therefore, our students will have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and reinforce their educational life with pleasant experiences mutually shared with people from various cultures.  

Dear Students,

I would like to state that we will provide the necessary support to see you in beneficial, active and administrative positions in the field of health after your graduation, and we will be very proud of your achievements. I hope that you will go through an education life where you will improve yourselves and realize your goals, and I wish you success, health and happiness after graduation.

Prof. Dr. Eşref DEMİR

Director of the Vocational School of Health Services