Antalya Bilim University, the Faculty of Engineering was established in Antalya, Turkey at 2012. Engineering@ABU is one of 5 colleges that comprise The Antalya Bilim University. It is a leading academic institution with excellent records of achievement in research. It offers Bachelor of Science (B.S.) programs in civil, computer, electrical, industrial and mechanical engineering as well as M.S. programs. The Faculty has attracted an outstanding faculty from all over the world with various areas. Our faculty members are both classroom- and research-focused. 100% of our undergraduate courses in engineering are taught by faculty. Students find a chance to work very closely with our faculty in several specialty and interdisciplinary research areas.  Hundreds of young, intelligent and self-motivated students have attended the Faculty in the last years. These graduates are a diverse group of engineers, from many races, ethnicities, and nationalities.

The ABU Faculty of Engineering is established close to the industrial area and started to create programs to align academic curriculum with industry needs. This makes the Faculty uniquely qualified to provide talented engineering students the type of broad technological and applied education demanded in today’s world. The Faculty ensures that the students learn what they need to learn through quality teaching and research. Engineering@ABU is especially recognized for inspiring a personalized, student-oriented vision, coupled with the resources of a research university. Our primary goal is to provide a challenging and educational experience for our students that will enable them to become effective engineering professionals in an increasingly technological society.