The mission of the Computer Engineering Department is to provide the educational background for the human resources that can effectively supply all the contemporary and future demands of the computer science field. This mission involves graduating computer engineers who can secure leading positions both in industry and academia. In this regard, through a goal-oriented, contemporary, and dynamic curriculum, our goal is to provide the essential analytical judgment and engineering design abilities, and all the skills required throughout every stage of a software development project.

All the faculty members have received their postgraduate degrees from leading universities in computer science and related fields. Several groups conduct research in algorithm design and analysis, computational biology and bioinformatics, sensor networks, cloud computing, cyrptology, coding theory, and computer simulations. Faculty members have several research projects funded by the EU or The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK). Research findings are disseminated through publishing in prestigious international conferences and journals.

Former graduates have been given scholarships to continue their studies in well-known universities, both national and world-wide, and have been offered important job positions by the leading firms in industry.