Psychological Counseling and Guidance Research and Application Center aims to help the students of ABU to get to know themselves better, develop problem solution skills by becoming aware of the sources of their problems, make sound judgements, gain effective communication skills, increase their academic success and better adapt to university life. In addition, the unit carries out “preventive and developmental” studies for various problems the students can potentially have throughout their educational lives to help them maintain a healthy self-development in terms of social, emotional and cognitive aspects. 
Psychological counseling service covers a process of professional help provided by experts in the field to ensure that individuals get to know themselves, gain awareness, be able to recognize problems and find solutions, give decisions, be in a responsive and healthy communication with the environment and improve themselves. 
Psychological Counseling and Guidance Research and Application Center has offices in both Main Campus and Downtown Campus. The objective of this unit is to help students maintain their mental health, have a healthy development and self-actualize.  
You can apply to our unit to benefit from psychological counseling service. All services in our center is free.