Working Principles of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Research and Application Center

The Services of Antalya Bilim University Psychological Counseling and Guidance Research and Application Center are offered by psychological health professionals within the scope of ethical principals of psychological counseling. 

•    Confidentiality: All psychological counseling and psychotherapy services are offered by professionals within the principles of ethics and confidentiality. No personal information of client students will  be shared with another person, division or institution without the consent of the students unless there is the risk of self-harm or harm to others, or unless sharing certain information is required by law. 
•    Voluntariness: It is vital that the counselor is willing to offer help, and the client is willing to receive the help offered by the counselor so that the service is useful.  
•    Unconditional Acceptance and Respect: Respect for individual differences is central in counseling. Psychological counseling and guidance services are offered based on the respect for individual differences irrespective of the beliefs, values and characters of the students. 
•    Transparency: Subjects and problems related to the clients are handled in a genuine manner. It is vital that emotions and thoughts are expressed realistically and honestly.
•    Competency: Professionals of the center, who have completed the necessary education and hold a degree in the field, prioritize scientific and ethical principles, continue their professional development and supervise and support each other.