Antalya Bilim University’s Faculty of Dentistry, established upon the relevant decision of the Higher Education Council and its publication in the Official Gazette dated 24.06.2019 and no. 1157 by the Office of Presidency, is planning to start providing education in the 2020-2021 Academic Year. The undergraduate education in the Faculty of Dentistry consists of 3 years of pre-clinic basic education and 2 years of mainly clinical education. The pre-clinic theoretical education covers basic medical training and vocational theoretical training in the field of dentistry, along with practical lab training. Our faculty has a separate laboratory for each practical course, and these labs offer every kind of technological and physical opportunity required. In mock (phantom) laboratories, each student is provided with a phantom model, ensuring that students have maximum level of practical experience before the clinical training. In their 4th and 5th years, students complete their clinical training in accordance with the internship system of each department and under the leadership of lecturers and teaching assistants in clinics that are equipped with world class technological infrastructure including dental microscopes, rotary systems, Cad/Cam systems etc. By the end of the training, it is intended that all students graduate as well-educated dentists.

The Faculty of Dentistry takes its strength from Antalya Bilim University which provides a student-focused education of the highest standards and opens its doors to international students. The department, rapidly achieving the level of an established faculty, places importance on scientific meetings and cultural, artistic and sports events, and both attends and hosts national and international events.

Students who graduate from the Faculty of Dentistry can become freelance dentists in private clinics or work in Dental and Oral Health Centers that serve under the Health Department. They can also take the dentistry specialist exam (DUS) and receive specialist training in one of eight departments based on their scores.