Dean's Message


I prefer drawing to talking.

Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.

(Le-Corbusier 1887–1965).


Dear Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture candidate students,


Antalya Bilim University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, founded in 2013, has the departments of Architecture and Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. By working together in integrity and harmony with each other, these two departments apply an interdisciplinary design education which is focused on human-science-art and space.


In line with the aimed knowledge and skills; various theoretical and practical lessons and information that is integrated with Design Project Studios, being able to organize any art-design relationship in a spatial context, technical, artistic handcraft skills and growing as qualified individuals to the world of design with the use of computers is the main goal of our education policy.


Nowadays, architecture and interior architecture education is structured to include technical and social issues related to the formation of a healthy and sustainable world besides functional, social, historical, cultural, aesthetic and economic criteria. In addition to the specific study areas where both faculties focus on, our innovative and interdisciplinary working opportunities brought together by different fields are our most important features that emphasize our difference. Architecture and Interior Architecture and Environmental Design departments of the faculty offer undergraduate education in English. In our faculty, besides the experienced Turkish and foreign instructors who have a very good educational background, there are also part-time lecturers who share their experiences in working life with our students. Our target is to train our future colleagues in the awareness of their responsibilities, open to developments in the world of culture, art and design, able to think analytical, critical and independent – i.e. competitor Architects and Interior Architects and Environmental Designers of Tomorrow who keep the benefits of society in the forefront of the profession.


At the end of your education you will get the benefits and products which will be our source of pride, you will be able to represent our university and our departments abroad. I sincerely believe that you will grow up as beneficial individuals to our homeland and our nation. I would like to thank to your families who have entrusted you and thank to everyone who contributed to our university since its foundation.


Prof. Dr. Ayşe SAĞSÖZ