Antalya Bilim University Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture was founded to constitute new perspectives to artistic and architectural studies in a worldwide scale and to be pioneer on the developments of new methodologies in the fields. The faculty mainly focuses on teaching and practicing architecture and fine arts as potential powers of improvement for countries, and so the world. The main aim is to blend knowledge, methodology, theory and professional skills into artistic and architectural practices. During the education period in the school, creativity, imagination, critical thinking, sensitivity toward history, ethic and cultural values play a fundamental role.

According to the mission of Antalya Bilim University, the vision of ABU Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture is to get well-educated professionals, who will be able to be active worldwide with the skills, knowledge and sensibilities they acquire during their education. Having academicians and colleagues from different countries provides the students how to think internationally, to respond to different opinions and cultures and to have opportunities for interaction.

Training the students with contemporary norms and knowledge, providing them international qualifications and at least two foreign languages and graduating them as creative and innovative designers and architects with the adequate background to be pioneer in their field are primary concepts of ABU School of Fine Arts and Architecture.

Besides theoretical training, the School focuses on learning through doing. Practical experiences such as summer practices, workshops, exhibitions, academic events and also projects developed in cooperation with private sector are determined as the main tools to achieve the School’s goals. Thus, the school regards to be in relation with educational institutes, associations, public and private sectors in scale of both national and international levels.