1.1 Individual Psychological Counseling 

The professional counselors of our center provide confidential 50-minute individual counseling sessions once a week to students who need support as regards their educational and personal problems. The counselor and the student decide together when and how often the sessions will be held, and how many weeks are required. The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Research and Application Center provides professional counseling services related to personal and relational issues which affect the psychological well-being of students, such as anxiety, depression, negative self image, stress, relationship problems with family and friends, loneliness, academic worries, adaptation problems, difficulties in making decisions, and addiction. 

1.2 Group Psychological Counseling 

Group psychological counseling offers the opportunity to overcome  difficulties with the support of other students who are experiencing similar problems. The most important advantage of group psychological counseling is providing help to more than one student at a time. Throughout this counseling process, the individual feels that he/she is not alone and has the opportunity to learn and practice new types of behaviour. The main purpose of group counseling is that the students provide feedback to each other, as well as inspiring each other with their experience and the ways in which they solve their problems. Therefore, group psychological counseling is highly effective in increasing the individual awareness of each student. The number of the group participants is determined according to the kind of the group, such as education groups, support groups, self-help groups, interaction groups, psychological counseling and therapy groups, and marathon groups. The frequency, length and the duration of the group 
sessions are determined according to factors such as the kind of the group and the features of the participants.  

1.3 Psychiatric Help 

Conditions such as psychosis, affective disorders, neurotic disorders, psychosomatic disorders, and personality disorders are diagnosed, treated and followed by the psychiatrist. During the counseling process, employees from our center may direct the client students to receive psychiatric help if necessary.  


Preventive psychological healtcare services include informative and awareness-raising seminars, trainings and publications which explain problems frequently faced by students and offer possible solutions and aim to help students improve the necessary skills for their academic, professional and social life. This type of service aims to help students take precautions before encountering a problem. For this purpose, our center will prepare brochures on possible problems 
which students may encounter, and organize psycho-education groups, individual and group guidance services, and seminars. 
 The topics of the seminars and trainings of the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Research and Application Center are determined based on the suggestions and needs of the students and developed and carried out by the professionals from our center or from the sector. 


Cooperation between our center and the faculty members and the administrative staff of Antalya Bilim University is vital for contributing to the academic, professional and personal development of the students. Therefore, as part of the consultation services, our center organizes trainings, activities and seminars about psychological issues for the faculty members and administrative staff.   

During the couselling process, if necessary, some psychological tests are applied which allow the counselor to get to know the clients better.