Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Antalya Bilim University (ABU), which aims to be one of the leading universities nationally and internationally. Department of Mechanical Engineering consists of five branches such as; “Design and Manufacturing”, “Mechanics”, “Energy”, “Thermodynamics” and “Machine Theory and Dynamics”. The undergraduate curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering is spread over eight semesters in four years. The departmental electives starting from the 6th semester in the curriculum provide the students the opportunity to get specialized in the field of their interest. All undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering are required to spend a minimum of four weeks, twice during their undergraduate study, in industry to gain practical experience during summers.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at ABU is very dynamic and strong. Department members are among the world leaders in their respective research areas and most of them came to ABU with significant experience from the best institutions worldwide. Heat exchangers, nanofluids, solar energy, heat pumps, kinematic analysis and design, system dynamics and control, fluid mechanics, computer aided design and manufacturing, computational fluid dynamics, manufacturing techniques, mechanical vibrations can be listed among some of the research topics of our academicians.

Mechanical engineering is known to be the most versatile and multidisciplinary area of engineering that requires knowledge and know-how of many subjects. Here at ABU, we aim to establish a world class Mechanical Engineering Department that can compete with well-known research institutes and universities of the world. Our focus is to follow developing technologies and research areas while excelling in the well-established areas that would improve our lives and help Turkish industry to compete in the world scene. We inspire our students to be among the best in the field. Our aim is not only teaching our students plain theory but also try to help them gain the ability of analytical thinking.  Thus, they will be able to apply that knowledge to the real world problems. We work in collaboration with industry and research councils to deliver world class research.

ABU is located at Antalya, a major tourist destination. The climate is excellent and its nature is among the most beautiful ones you can see all over the world, with many activities available to our academic staff and students, such as; rafting, hiking, camping, as well as beautiful beaches, exotic food, wonderful history and such.