Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Antalya Bilim University, which aims to be one of the leading universities nationally and internationally. Although we are a new department within a new university, we have a vision of being a distinguished teaching and research environment that would bring together exceptional students and academicians, together with the state-of-the-art facilities. Mechanical engineering is known to be the most versatile and multidisciplanary area of engineering that requires knowledge and know-how of many subjects. At ABU we aim to establish a world-class mechanical engineering department that can compete with well-known research institutes and universities of the world. Our focus is in new technologies and research areas while excelling in the well-established areas that would improve our lives and help Turkish industry to compete in the world scene. We have highly motivated and knowledgable academicians in their respective fields, that include highly advance and important areas such as computational mechanics, nano technologies, and propulsion of air and space vehicles, among others. We inspire our students to be among the best in the field. We do not only transfer knowledge to our students, but also we teach how to think and apply to real-world problems the knowledge they acquire. We work in collaboration with industry and research councils to deliver world class research. Abu is located at Antalya, a major tourist destination. The climate is excellent and the nature is one of the most beautiful in the world, with many activities available to our academic staff and students, such as rafting, hiking, camping, as well as beautiful beaches, exotic food, wonderful history and such.