Purpose: The aim of the Disabled Student Unit is to take the necessary measures to facilitate the learning processes of students studying at Antalya Bilim University and who need special protection, care, rehabilitation, counseling, and support services due to any disability, and to take the necessary measures in this direction, to ensure their participation in cultural environments with equal opportunities and to make arrangements.


a) To identify the needs of students with disabilities enrolled in higher education programs in terms of education, training, scholarship, administrative, physical, housing, social, and similar fields while they continue their education, and to determine the measures to be taken to meet these needs and to offer solutions in order to eliminate them, to make arrangements in coordination with other units or departments at the university,

b) Carrying out studies on the adaptation of the educational environment where the disabled student attends, the provision of equipment for the disabled, the preparation of special course materials, the arrangement of education, research and accommodation environments suitable for the disabled, in order to organize the education programs in a way that does not interfere with the academic, physical and social lives of the disabled university students,

c) To prepare the “Annual Activity and Evaluation Report” and submit it to the Rectorate to be forwarded to the Council of Higher Education.

Our principles:

Within the scope of confidentiality, volunteering, respect, teamwork, accessibility, responsibility, awareness services; Antalya Bilim University Disabled Student Unit does not share the identity, medical and social status of the student who reports that he/she is disabled with other people and institutions without his/her permission. It is essential for the students to apply to the Unit and receive service. It works with all other relevant units of the university to ensure that students with disabilities have access to all areas of the university.

  Antalya Bilim University Disabled Students Unit organizes activities to increase the awareness and sensitivity of university staff and students in the field of disability.