Architecture Department Students Visited Antalya City Council

Arc 102 Introduction to Architectural Design class, which is coordinated by Asst. Prof. Dr. Hülya Aybek and the lecturers; Zeynep Esengil, Ali Olgu Ceylan, Isa Çal, visited Antalya City Council on 22 February 2018, which is located in Atatürk Park.

Semanur Kurt, the president of Antalya City Council and architect Recep Esengil, the executive committee member made a presentation about the concept of city council, the emergence of the idea in the world and Turkey, how it became reality in Antalya city centre and their works since 1997. We listened the problems of existing council building and the necessities of users. The meeting ended with the questions of students who interactively participated and the answers of questions. Afterwards, programme continued with the site survey.