Rector Semih EKERCİN

Rector Semih EKERCİN

  • Research Areas

    Remote Sensing

    Image Processing Techniques

    Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar)

    Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

    Geographic Information Systems and Applications

    Climate Change and Drought Analysis

    Water Quality Research Using Remote Sensing Technology

    3-Dimensional Modelling

Rector Semih EKERCİN

Esteemed Colleagues,

Dear Students,

Welcome to the growing and expanding family of our university. As an educational institution shaping human life and building the future, we are happy to see you among us.

Our mission is to raise individuals capable of contributing to their country and the world in the light of science.

Our university incorporates many faculties and departments supported with a dynamic learning environment, modern infrastructure, and sectorial partnerships, thanks to which our students access up-to-date information and have the potential to be leaders in the business world.

We are here to train you as individuals who are thirsty for knowledge, willing to learn and ready to contribute to their homeland. We believe that your achievements and experience will further enrich our university.

With love and respect,

Prof. Dr. Semih EKERCİN