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    Machine Learning

    Artificial Intelligence

    Bioinformatics Algorithms

    Analysis, and Engineeering of Graph Algorithms

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  • Bachelor's

    Antalya Bilim Üniversitesi

  • Master's

    Antalya Bilim Üniversitesi

  • Doctorate

    Akdeniz University

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Aissa Houdjedj received his B. Sc. (Computer Engineering) and MSc (Electrical and Computer Engineering) degrees from Antalya Bilim University in 2018, and 2021, respectively. Currently, he is studying his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at Akdeniz University. In addition to that, he is working as a Research Assistant in the Computer Engineering department at Antalya Bilim University (Antalya, Turkey).


He has been a member of several Tübitak research projects in the field of bioinformatics. His research interests are in Bioinformatics Algorithms, Computational Analysis of Biological Networks Design, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.