• Research Areas

    Dijital Transformation Methodology and Framework Design

    Design of Sustainable Ecosystems

    Industry 4.0 Assesment

    Strategic Planning of ScienceParks and Technoparks



    Transformation Methodologies

    Healthcare Innovation Ecosystem

    Strategy and Innovation

    Business Model Design in organisations

    Reinventing business and business model design with a ecosystem approach for sustainability

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Technology Management

    Management of R&D and Innovation

    Defence and Airborne Technologies

    Information System Design

    Smart and Sustainable City Strategies and Technologies

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Ali Cem Başarır received his B.S. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Military Academy, Ankara, Turkey in 1993. After graduation he started to work in EW and SIGINT Projects and Operations in Defence. While he was working in defence he received his MSc. degree in Information Systems, Informatics Institute, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey in 2001. He had taken part in NATO Operations in Former Yugoslavia (SFOR), Northern Iraq and Afghanistan (IFOR). After these tough experiences, he earned PhD. degree in Technology Management, Defence Institute, Military Academy in 2009. He contributed and led many large scale defence projects. He retired in 2013 from the Military with two NATO Medals and many awards. He achieved a grant with an innovational business model in Healthcare. He led the founding of a university as founding General Secretary and Rector Adviser in 2013-2016. He was consultant to many organizations in technology management, R & D and Innovation Management fields. He designed an Ecosystem Model for a newly establishing Techno-Park in Antalya. Currently he is now developing models and methodologies for transformation to Industry 4.0 and Digitalization fields for organizations and Defence Industry. He is also consultant to Antalya Chamber of Commerce, Technopark Istanbul and UBM EMEA.