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    Food Sustainability and Traditional Foods

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    Uludağ University

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    Uludağ University

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    University of Bonn

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Dr. McKenzie attended Uludag University from 1995 to 1999 for her undergraduate degree in food engineering and then for her master's degree in food microbiology. In her master's thesis, which she completed in 2001 and titled "Determination of Bacterial Load in the Production Phase of Ready-to-Eat Canned Foods," she investigated the food products made by the Baktat food factory in Bursa. In 2003, she returned to the University of Bonn, Germany, where she went for the first time to do her undergraduate internship in 1998. She successfully obtained her PhD in 2008, focusing her research on dried foods. Dr. McKenzie has plenty of professional experience in the food industry, having worked for companies like Frings, Herbalife, and Leatherhead Food Research in the UK and Germany following her doctoral studies. Her areas of expertise include food legislation in different countries, food labelling, food additives, health claims, weight control, and fermentation technologies. In the spring 2017 semester, Dr. Mckenzie was appointed as an assistant professor at Antalya Bilim University Faculty of Tourism. She presently teaches in the areas of gastronomy and culinary arts, tourism, and hotel management. Her main areas of interest include food safety and sustainability, waste management, traditional foods, geographical indications, and food legislation. Dr. McKenzie holds a number of food safety certifications, including an executive-level HACCP certificate from the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK and the ISO 22000:2018 lead auditor designation in Türkiye. In addition to her publications in areas such as sustainability and geographical indication of foods, she also conducts research on food safety.