• Research Areas

    Employee Perception

    Cognitive Maps

    Social Networks

    Conceptual Networks

    Organizational Change

    Postmodern Epistemology

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  • Bachelor's

    Ege University

  • Master's

    Istanbul University

  • Doctorate

    Yaşar University

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E.Evla Mutlu had her undergraduate degree in Food Engineering at Ege University and master degree in MBA at Istanbul University. During her graduate and master education she worked in various companies in quality management departments. Afterwards, she had her second master degree in Human Studies in Social Sciences Program at Ege University and received a PhD degree in Business Management Department of Yasar University. During her doctorate, she worked as a research assistant in Tourism Management Department and then as a project specialist in Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office of Yasar University. Besides, she participated in several industry and university funded projects. Currently, she works as an assistant professor in the Tourism Faculty of Antalya Bilim University.