Hatice Reyhan ÖZİYCİ
  • Research Areas

    Bioactive food compounds

    Taste interactions (Subthreshold, suprathreshold)

    Novel tropical fruits in subtropic climates

    Production of value-added products from agri-food wastes

    New product development

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  • Bachelor's

    Atatürk University

  • Master's

    Akdeniz University

  • Doctorate

    Akdeniz University

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Hatice Reyhan ÖZİYCİ

Asst. Prof. Dr. Hatice Reyhan ÖZİYCİ, after completing her primary, secondary, and high school education in Istanbul, received her undergraduate (Atatürk University, 2005), master's (Akdeniz University, 2008), and doctorate (Akdeniz University, 2014) degrees from the department of food engineering. Since 2014, Dr. ÖZİYCİ has been working as a full-time academician in the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts and has been working at Antalya Bilim University since 2017. Dr. ÖZİYCİ teaches undergraduate-level courses about the chemical structure and sensory properties of foods, and the beverage industry and has many publications and national/international project experience on the quality characteristics and processing technology of fruit and fruit products and functional food compounds. Her recent research interest areas are taste interaction of chemical compounds in foods (taste sub-thresholds and supra-thresholds), the relationship between satiety and taste, the effect of sensory properties of foods on flavor perception, natural and artificial sweeteners, and tropical fruits