Mehmet Ziya FIRAT
  • Research Areas

    Bayesian Methods

    Categorical Data Analysis

    Estimation Methods of Variance Components

    Statistical Methodology for Mapping QT

    Mixed Model Methodology

    Quantitative Genetics

    Structural Equation Modelling

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  • Bachelor's

    Çukurova University

  • Master's

    University of Reading

  • Doctorate

    University of Edinburgh

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Appointment according to the Article 40/A of the Higher Education Act No: 2547 **

Mehmet Ziya FIRAT

Mehmet Ziya FIRAT received a Master’s degree in Biometrics (Applied Statistics) from the Department of Applied Statistics, University of Reading in England in 1991, after he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Çukurova University in 1986. He then completed his Ph.D. degree on Bayesian Methods at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Edinburgh in 1995. He was on sabbatical at Michigan State University for six months in 1997. He worked with a very-well known research team at Iowa State University for eighteen months between 2003 and 2004. He has been working as a professor at Akdeniz University since 1999. He has carried out several national and international projects, published many refereed articles and conference papers related with the applications of statistical methods to various fields. His current research interests include Bayesian Methods, Generalized Linear Methods, Nonlinear models, Structural Equation Modeling, and Statistical Methods in the Validity and Reliability Studies. He has extensive experiences in computer programming using FORTRAN and in statistical analysis employing statistical packages SAS, MINITAB, SPSS, AMOS, LISREL and GENSTAT