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    Anadolu University

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    Akdeniz University

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    Akdeniz University (continues)

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She was born in Antalya and completed his primary and high school education in Antalya. After graduating from Antalya Anatolian High School, she started to study at Anadolu University, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Department of Architecture in 2008 and graduated in January 2014. She also started Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration Department in 2009 and completed hwe undergraduate education in 2014. Afterwards, she came to Antalya and practiced architecture in many companies. In this process, she both participated in design competitions and improved herself in interior design. She resigned from the company where she worked for 2 years as the "design office chief" in order to head towards the academy. In September 2017, she started her graduate education at Akdeniz University, Institute of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture, focused on architectural preservation in her graduate education, and especially focused on the industrial heritage of the early Republican period. In 2019, she successfully completed her master's thesis titled "Antalya's Electrification and Antalya’s Old Power Plant" and completed her master's education. In the same year, she started PhD at Akdeniz University, Institute of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture, and she is at the thesis stage in PhD education. She focuses on interior architecture education as a specialty.

She started to work as a part-time lecturer in Antalya Bilim University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in 2018, and worked as a full-time Research Assistant as of 2019. After 2022, she continues his duty as a lecturer. She usually attends design studio and technical drawing courses in the department.

Since she started her academic life, she has participated in many national and international seminars, has written book chapters in books published in national and international publishing houses, and has published articles in field indexed / national and international indexed journals.