Mürüvvet SÖĞÜT
  • Research Areas

    Computer Assisted Language

    Learning (CALL)

    Second Language Acquisition

    Natural Approach

    Strategy Training in ELT

    Learner Autonomy

    Multiple Intelligences

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    Middle East Technical University

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Mürüvvet SÖĞÜT

Mürüvvet SÖĞÜT  earned her degree from the department of Foreign Language Education at Middle East Technical University in 2011. She also studied as an exchange student at the School and the Community Program of Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam in 2010 and did intership at different schools abroad and in Turkey. She has taught a variety of English courses at different Turkish universities. Her areas of interest are Computer Aided Language Learning (CALL), Second Language Acquisition , Natural Approach, Strategy Training in Language Teaching, Learner Autonomy and Multiple Intelligences.