Dear Students,

Erasmus internship and studying placement results have been announced, please kindly check them,

IMPORTANT: Students who have selected for the Erasmus Internship mobility  have to submit their acceptance letters to the Erasmus Office until December 16, 2022. Students on the back-up list will be selected instead of selected students who do not submit an invitation letter by the specified date.






Important information about the results are listed below, please read carefully!

  • Students who have applied for the 2022 Summer internship and who have the right to benefit from the program can benefit from the Erasmus internship program this summer if they submit an invitation/acceptance letter (2022 summer period), if they cannot find an invitation/acceptance letter, they must bring their invitation letters until December 16, 2022,

  • Those who were selected for 2022 Summer and 2023 Summer internships can do their internships by 2022 summer if they bring an invitation letter until December 16, 2022. If the invitation letters will not be submitted to the Erasmus Office until December 16, 2022, the students who will submit  invitation/acceptance letter from the back-up list will be eligible for the 2023 summer from the Erasmus internship program,

  • All students who will be graduated within June-July or August 2022 have the right to complete their internship within 12 months after their graduation,

  • The minimum score for the Erasmus English language exam minimum score was reduced from 60 to 50 points, and the Erasmus internship English language exam score was reduced from 50 to 40 points, the students who applied for the specified exchange program but could not obtain the required language score were not included in the calculation,

  • Students were selected according the quota of the departments,

  • If there was no one from a department; -the quota was given to department which has more Erasmus agreements,

  • There are some students who did not attend to Erasmus English Exam but they are in the list because they have submitted TOEFL, YDS or YÖKDİL results,

  • Grade averages which are on the system during the application were taken into account,

  • Points have been deducted from the students who previously benefited from Erasmus exchange and it is stated in detail in the lists,

  • Erasmus Internship and studying mobility information meeting date and time information will be sent by e-mail. In this meeting, detailed information will be given about the process and your questions will be answered,

  • Students who have not been able to qualify for the Erasmus exchange program and who are on the back-up list should contact the Erasmus Coordination office if they want to benefit from the Erasmus program with ZERO GRANT,

  • Students who have been selected for the Erasmus mobility program but want to give up their right are required to inform the Erasmus Coordination Office until 13:30 on Wednesday, June 1. Otherwise, 10 points will be deducted from the total score during the next application, if the Erasmus mobility will be cancelled later without any force majeure.

If you have any questions, please contact the Erasmus Office.

Yağmur Yazgı KAYA