English Language Exam Application Dates


Exam Date


Exam Place

Döşemealtı- Main Campus (place and time will be announced)

Number of question


Erasmus English Exam Application Place

Application Form will be filled out from the link below, printed and will be delivered to Erasmus Office with transcript.   

Announcement for the results


Example Exam Questions

ABU Erasmus Exam 1 
Erasmus Exam 1 Answer Key

Listening part will be sent by e-mail.

English Exam Level

B1-B2( Intermediate and Upper- Intermediate)


There will be English Exam for the students who want to benefit from Erasmus Mobility Program. (KA103- KA107 and Swiss Mobility)

Details are written below;

  1. It is obligatory to be enrolled in Antalya Bilim University,
  2. At least you need to complete one semester before the exam,
  3. Vocational school and undergraduate students need to have 2.20 CGPA but graduate students need to have 2.50/4.00 to apply.
  4. Students who want benefit from studying need to take 60 points out of 100 but students who want to benefit from internship need to take 50 points out of 100 from English Exam.
  5. Students who want to benefit from Swiss Mobility need to take 60 out of 100.
  6. YDS- YÖKDİL 60, TOEFL 72 score is accepted but should be taken last two years

English Exam Announcement

How to apply:

You will fill out the form from this link.

Click  to download the list of Erasmus agreements!

But before you submit, you need to print then you need to fill out and submit. Printed page with transcript need to be delivered to Erasmus Office.


Yağmur Yazgı KAYA

Erasmus Office Number: +90 242 245 03 30
Work days: 08.30-17.30 Monday-Friday.