You are all invited to the "Europass CV and Cover/Motivation Letter” online information meeting that will be held by Erasmus Office on 18th of May, Monday, between 17.30-19.00 pm in


Microsoft Teams. After the meeting, Certificate of Participation will be sent to the mails of the participants. First of all, you need to fill the application form from the link which is


written below to join our meeting.


The Europass Online tool helps individuals to present themselves to their prospective employers in a more descriptive way through the letter of intent provided with the Europass CV and Cover/


Motivation Letter. Whichever overseas program you plan to benefit from, the beginning of the road intersects with the letter of motivation. Erasmus, university, master, and volunteerism projects


(European Solidarity Program) should somehow take care of this stage. A European CV which is understood internationally throughout Europe, Europass seeks to present jobseekers in Europe


using the same format, structure and layout. The Europass is composed of more than just a CV and is a helpful way of creating a personal profile folder which you can present to prospective


employers in an uncomplicated way, as many are familiar with the Europass system and structure. The Europass CV and Cover/Motivation letter may be of interest to jobseekers who wish to apply


for a job in a foreign country within Europe and are not quite sure of the CV and Cover/Motivation letter requirements for the specific country.


You can ask your questions during the meeting or you can send the questions to  by e-mail. All questions will be answered.



-What is Europass CV and how should I prepare it?


-What is the motivation letter, why and how should I prepare it?


-I am looking for an institution for Erasmus internship program, how should I send an e-mail?


Speaker: İlayda Buse ÇELİK, YOBBA Project Coordinator / Volunteer Advisor/ Blogger

Date: 18th of May Monday, 2020.

Time: 17.30 – 19.00

Place: Microsoft Teams. 

The link will be sent to the participants who filled out the form. You will attend the online meeting with the help of this link.

***Important: The meeting will be held in Turkish.