Click for KA103 Erasmus Staff Teaching Mobility Application Results.
Click for KA103 Erasmus Staff Training Mobility Application Results.


Dear Academicians and Administrative Staff,

Within the framework of the Erasmus Project numbered 2020-1-TR01-KA103-081746,  6 staff are granted, 27 staff are in back up list for Erasmus staff training mobility and 3 academic staff are granted and 8 academic staff is on back-up list for the Erasmus Staff teaching mobility and the name list is attached. Points were calculated according to the criteria within the framework of Erasmus office and the selected staff were ranked from the highest score to the lowest score. As a result of the evaluation, totally 9 university staff have right to benefit from the mobility with a grant, and mobilities needs to be completed until 31 May 2023.

Research assistants who apply for a mobility do not have the authority to give lectures, they can only benefit from the Erasmus staff training mobility.

  • Only those whose applications were seen as "complete" during the application were evaluated and applications with "active and updating" were not included in the evaluation,

  • The applications of our academicians who have the authority to give lectures and applied for Erasmus Training Mobility were deemed invalid,

  • Staff whose names are on the back-up list can also benefit from the Erasmus+ Mobility on the condition that they do not receive a grant (zero grant),

  • Staff who do not have an invitation letter must receive an invitation letter from the institution and submit it to the Erasmus Office until 17 February 2023. If not, staff will be selected from the back up list. Staff who already have a letter of acceptance but want to make changes in the institution should submit their new invitation letters to the Erasmus Office 2 months before the mobility date. After that, the change will not be accepted.

Required documents;

  •  Letter of Acceptance (Acceptance/ Invitation Letter- It needs to be included the mobility dates.)

  • The Staff Training Document should be filled in completely by contacting the institution. The info mail will be sent after you get acceptance/invitation letter,

  • We will sign a grant agreement before you leave. You must have a Euro account from Vakıfbank. 80% of the total grant will be transferred into your account. The remaining 20% will be in your account when you complete your mobility and complete your documents.

For more information, you can send an e-mail, call 5300 and/or visit the Erasmus+ Office. (AG-60- Faculty Building)