Libraries are common use areas. People should behave respectfully and responsibly, and pay strict attention not to violate the rights of others.

Library guidelines are implemented to ensure that library users maintain their education and research activities in a healthy, safe and comfortable environment.


General Rules

•    All library users must be silent in common use areas and research areas.
•    It is forbidden to enter the library with large luggage, or to leave them in the front.
•    The library collections, equipment, furniture and hardware should be used with care.
•    Library resources cannot be taken outside without the necessary loan process.
•    Printed resources should be used with care and not be damaged (marking pages, highlighting lines, tearing etc.)
•    All library users are liable to the sanctions set for the resources that are damaged, lost or not returned in time.
•    All areas within the library should be used cleanly and carefully, and all trash and rubbish should be thrown into the dustbins.



•    Library users cannot leave their personal belongings on the desks to reserve spots for themselves.
•    Empty desks are regularly checked, and unattended property are collected
•    The library is not responsible for forgotten or lost property.


Food / Drinks

It is forbidden to enter the library with food products and drinks (except water) in order to;

•   Protect the common use areas, equipment and collections within the library.
•   Prevent smell, noise and mess,
•   Maintain a clean and well-kept working environment.


Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode within the library.


Lost / Forgotten Property

The library is not responsible for forgotten or lost property.