Inter Library Loan

It is a service that was developed to meet the information needs of the researchers and academic staff members of Antalya Bilim University, and it facilitates access to information resources (articles, dissertations, books etc.) through copying or loaning.

If the library collection does not have the requested publication, it is obtained from other research and university libraries in Turkey.

  • Users can request a maximum of 5 resources at a time.
  • Shipment costs for the resources requested from a different city are provided by the university.
  • Users acknowledge that they will use the resources without violating any copyrights.
  • The relevant person should be informed 5 days before the return date to extend the loan time. Duration and number of time extensions depend on the rules of the university that the resource is loaned from.
  • If the user does not get the requested resource from the university within the specified time, he/she cannot make another request for the same resource.
  • If the resource is lost, damaged or returned late, the responsibility belongs to the user. In such cases, rules of the relevant library are applied.

What Can I Request?
Articles, books or dissertations (index, bibliography, abstract or any selected section) can be requested. Due to copyright laws, the whole resource cannot be copied.

You can request the dissertations that have been published at other universities through the Document Supply Unit. The dissertations, obtained from YÖK via TÜBESS, are given to our readers in print.

How Can I Make a Request?

  1. TOKAT (National Collective Catalog) search can be used to detect which libraries have the requested resource.
  2. The Publication Request Form can be filled out and delivered to the Document Supply Unit in person or via e-mail.

How long does it take to meet my request?

The duration is based on the document supply policies of relevant libraries.


Tel: 0 242 245 00 00 - 3502