Ordering Resources

Staff members and students of Antalya Bilim University can put in requests for ordering information sources for the library.

Order Evaluation Criteria

•    All information sources that are regarded as fundamental in the field,
•    Requests for basic and contemporary publications for newly opened departments and  units,
•    Adequate and new copies of frequently utilized publications,
•    New and varied versions of less frequently used collections are prioritized.


Reference Materials Before Placing Order

•    For book requests, you can use the websites of publishers such as Amazon.

Ordering Resources

You can inform the library about your resource requests by filling out the Resource Request Form

Before requesting resources, we kindly ask you to search our Library Catalog to check whether the library collection has the publication you are requesting.

After the library receives the resource and necessary processes are complete, the person who has made the request will be informed.


Tel: 0 242 245 00 00-3502

E-Mail : library@antalya.edu.tr