How Can I Benefit from Library Services?

The library of our university provides services in main campus library. The central library is open during the academic period for 7 days a week and 15.5 hours a day between 08:30 a.m. and 00.00 a.m. and provides service for 108.5 hours in a week. During the summer period, it is open between 08:30 a.m. and 05:30 p.m. and provides service for 9 hours on weekdays. It provides service 45 hours a week (not open on Saturdays and Sundays).            

Our library is monitored with a closed-circuit camera system 24 hours a day.        


How Can I Register in the Library?

The lecturers and administrative staff members of our university are automatic members of our library.


How Can I Borrow the Publications In Our Library? In How Many Days Do I Have to Return Them?

You can search for resources in the “Search Catalog” section on our website (  find them on the relevant shelf with its shelf number. You can borrow the resources by showing your id card to the Loan Desk.



Loan Period (days) / Extra Loan Period (days) / Maximum Number of Resources to Borrow

Lecturer Administrative



180 / 180 / 10

30 / 15 / 5

Periodical Publication

­2 / 1 / 3

2 / 1 / 3

Audio-Visual Sources

­2 / 2 / 3

3 / 1 / 3


How Are the Books Placed on Shelves?

Books are placed based on an open shelf system. There are three separate collections; General Collection, Reference Collection and Reserve Collection

How Can I Connect to Databases? How Can I Establish a Connection Within the Library or Campus?

You can access the databases under the section “Electronic resources” on our website ( You can establish connection to the databases from all computers and mobile phones within our campus.

Does the Library Have Memberships?

Our library has memberships in Anatolian University Libraries Consortium (ANKOS), National Academic License for Electronic Resources (EKUAL) other university libraries in Turkey, and Interlibrary Loan Tracking System (KITS) which is one of the documentation and information centers.

Is it free to consume food and drinks in the library?

It is forbidden to enter the library with food and drinks except water.

Please get an appointment for Library Training / / 0242 245 00 00 - 3502