All students who studied in High Schools abroad are required to complete the equivalency process.

The required documents for the equivalency application and the equivalency processes are as follows:

The Documents Required For Equivalency

Application can be done through:

For Turkish Citizens;

  1. Application Form
  2. Transparent file
  3. Original and the copy of identity card (For Turkish Citizens)
  4. Original and the copy of the passport page (For Turkish Citizens)
  5. Copy of pages displaying entry-exit dates stamps (For Turkish Citizens)
  6. Original and the copy of the resident permit in Turkey or education visa.( For Foreign Citizens)
  7. Original and the copy of report card or transcript of the latest grade. (For non-graduates)
  8. The original and the copy of apostilled diploma and transcript. (For graduates)

Documents requested from the applicants within the scope of the special case:

  1. Those who cannot submit their documents due to war, disaster and/or asylum,
  2. Those who have "International Protection Status Holder Identity Document" or "International Protection Applicant Identity Document"
  3. If the education documents are not available, it is enough to upload only the mentioned documents for applicants with court decision

In addition, if the following situations exist, It should be considerd as well;

  1. Identity card/passport of the mother/father for those under the age of 18,
  2. For those under 18 years of age who will be attending university, the original and certified translation of the parental consent letter (if required), university pre-registration certificate/student certificate must be submitted,
  3. For those whose parents are separated, the original and translated copy of the custody certificate stating that the applicant has custody of the student,
  4. If there is a change in the surname in the education certificate and identity card/passport due to reasons such as marriage, divorce, the marriage certificate and/or identity register copy must be uploaded.

It is important to note that the university has no responsibility if the equivalency application is rejected and may cancel the registration process.