1. What is the language of Education at Antalya Bilim University?
Language of Education is English. However, Law Department at Antalya Bilim University consist of  30% of English and 70% of Turkish.

2. How many years period of Education for the programs at Antalya Bilim University?
Bachelors Programs consists of 4 years with 12 semesters.
Master Programs is 2 years with 4 semesters.

3. How much is the tuition fees in Antalya Bilim University?
Tuitions fees are announced in our web page. 

4. How can I deposit my tuition fees?
If you are new enrollment student, you can deposit with temporary number that given to you, if you are past enrollment student you can deposit with Foreign Identity Number from bank branches and ATM-s.

5. Do you accept international students with just a high school diploma?
Application with just a high school diploma are acceptable.
6. Can I make an application with YOS exam of other universities in Turkey?
Yes, you can make an application with YOS exam of other universities in Turkey.

7. What happens if I miss the registration date?
If you do not register between first register date you will lose your register right.

8. Where can I get my Equivalency Certificate?
High School Diploma Equivalency Certificate should be taken from the Ministry of Education in Turkey. Before going to Ministry of Education (Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı):
a) Original High School Diploma and its copy translated.
b) Original High School Transcript and its copy translated.
c) Original and copy of the residency permit in Turkey (min for 6 months).
d) Original and copy of the passport page with photo.

If you lose these original documents, you can take their approved copy and copy from your school in abroad and you can make your application with these approved documents.

9. Do I have to make apostille all my application documents?
Apostille is required for all your documents.

10. When can I get my Student Identity Card?
You can get you card from Student Affairs approximately one week after your registration date.

11. Which transactions can I do with my Student Identity card?
You can use it:
During entry and exit to university.
For eating at dining hall.
To take advantage of the library service.

12. What should I do if I lose my Student Identity Card?
You should declare you lost card to student affairs and apply for a new one. 

13. I want to discharge from the university, what can I do?
After fill in the discharge form and discharge petition that you can find in Directorate of student affairs, you need sign from all the related places. After all the signatures, you will be able to withdraw all your original documents from the student affair.

14. I want to suspend study, what can I do?
Students may request suspend study due to health problems, military service, financial, personal or academic reasons, family circumstances, education abroad or unavoidable circumstances. 
Before Education period start, with petition you can make an application to your faculty to suspend study.

15. Where can I make my Residence Permit application?
You can make an online application from International Student Office.

16. When and from where can I receive my Residence Permit?
Your resident permit card will come to your living address via cargo in 2 weeks.

17. Can I apply for an undergraduate degree course if I am already studying at another university? 
Firstly, you must make an application to ABU portal. When you grand the registration right, you have to withdrawal from your university that you currently studying. After you prepare all the needed documents, you will be able to register to our university as a transfer student. 

18. How can I change my department?
You should make an application to Students Affairs.

19. What do admissions consider when evaluating an application?
Admission Committee will evaluate the prospective student’s application and take into account the academic achievements and the teacher’s academic reference. 

20. How do I know if my gradation is a satisfactory for admission to undergraduate or graduate course? 
All the information of your national or international exams are available in our Admission Criteria. We accept all prospective student with at least 60% of their high school grades.  

21. What is transcript?
Transcript is the record of the grades taken by the student throughout the education in the current institution. This document show all letter grades or point earned. 

22. When can I hear the result of my undergraduate submission? 
If your application is correctly submitted, we will contract you in 10 working day. If you have not heard from us, means that you have missing documents and you need to contact us by email or phone.

23. Can I reapply if my application was rejected? 
You can apply for the next academic year. This application will be evaluated completely independent form the last one.