1.The trainee must take a placement test before registering for the course.. The placement test is held on Wednesday at 13.00 on the first and last week of each month.

2. The placement test result is valid for 2 years.

3. The course registration fee is paid before taking the Placement Test. No additional fee will be charged for the exam. If it is determined that the student's level is at B1 level, the student will be charged the exchange rate difference.

4. Course fees are charged in Turkish Lira. For registration fees for classes that cannot be opened due to reasons arising from TÖMER, TÖMER offers the trainee to freeze his/her registration for 1 (one) semester (1 month or 2 months depending on the course purchased);

a) If the student does not accept the offer, the fee for the remaining courses will be refunded at the discount rate applied in the previous courses.

b) If the student accepts the registration freeze offer and the class does not open in the next term, the fee for the remaining courses will be refunded at the discount price applied in the previous courses.        

5. Class changes will be made within the first week of the enrolment period, if possible, and later applications will not be accepted.

6. Registration suspension is made in case of a valid excuse. This registration freeze is valid for 1 (one) year and is limited to one time. If the course fees are increased during this period, the fee difference is charged to the trainee. In case of registration suspensions caused by TÖMER, the difference of the increased fee is not charged. For more than 4 months, a placement exam is held for re-registration.

7. Courses at TÖMER continue 12 months a year, 7 days a week, between 09:00-22:00, except for official and religious holidays. Courses that fall on official and religious holidays are completed within the same course period. Course hours cancelled due to reasons arising from TÖMER are compensated.

8. In order for a class to be opened, the minimum number of trainees determined by the TÖMER Board of Directors for the courses must be reached. At least 16 students are needed for Turkish courses. TÖMER Management has the authority to continue or close the classes, change the course hours, classes and teachers.

9. Trainees who successfully complete the certificate courses receive a certificate approved by TÖMER Director.

10. There is a right to 20 hours of absenteeism for each course. The trainee who exceeds the absenteeism rate without a valid excuse is not taken to the course completion exam and is deemed to have failed that course. The course fee is not refunded for the days and hours of non-attendance.

11. Certificates and diplomas lost due to various reasons are not re-issued. However, a replacement certificate is issued. This document is also not issued if it exceeds 6 months after the date of receipt of the certificate and 1 year after the date of receipt of the diploma. The trainee is required to take the certificate and/or diploma exam upon request.

12. The validity period of the certificate issued by TÖMER is 2 years from the date of receipt.

13. Guest students can be admitted to the ongoing courses for 4 lesson hours. If the student requests to enrol in the course, the full course fee is charged.

14. In all exams other than the course exams, the exam fee is non-refundable for any reason whatsoever.

15. Course materials (textbook, etc.) will be provided by the trainees.

16. The trainee who has enrolled in the courses at TÖMER is deemed to have accepted all the above practices and conditions.