•    The advantage of receiving university education in the capital of tourism, Antalya
•    100% English education
•    Opportunity to learn English in an English-speaking environment
•    Opportunity to experience multi-culturalism during education thanks to international students
•    Opportunity to do summer internship in leading companies of tourism sector
•    Opportunity to get tourism education in 5-star practice hotels
•    Lecturers with experience in the tourism sector
•    Opportunity to learn a second and third foreign language
-    Russian
-    German
-    Spanish
-    Chinese
-    Turkish Sign Language

Management Shadowing Program
“Management shadowing” is a program where we combine the skills and experience our students acquire in training and internship periods. Students who gain right to join the program will be continuing their education 3 days a week during the spring semester of their fourth year while at the same time they will be working as the shadow of a manager in tourism sector. This program will provide administrative experience to our students on top of their operational experience gained during internship periods, and help them make career plans for the future. Thanks to this program, our students gain experience in decision-making processes by learning how to use the perspective of a manager to evaluate technical knowledge and experience. Within our study programs that bring together fresh ideas of our students and experience of managers, our students attend job interviews, participate in business meetings and be a part of the daily work flow.

Technological Infrastructure
Our school keeps tabs on technological developments. Our students have the opportunity to learn about automation software utilized in hotels and agencies in an applied fashion.

Double Major Degree
The students of Tourism Management and the students of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts can do double major in different departments provided that they meet the required conditions.

Minor Degree
Students of Tourism Management, and Gastronomy and Culinary Arts can do minor in different departments provided that they meet the required conditions.

Our school offers full (100%) or partial (50% and %25) scholarships to our students. These scholarships are non-refundable. Apart from additional scholarship opportunities in our university, we also offer success scholarships and special scholarships for the spouses and children of martyrs and veterans. 

Our students can benefit from the opportunity to receive education and do internship abroad through various business collaborations such as Erasmus+ and Work and Travel.