Application Conditions:In doctoral applications, in accordance with CoHE (YOK) legislation, the valid equal weight ALES on the condition at least 65 points (50%), MsD graduation average (GPA (the average in the diploma by matching the CoHE (YOK) equivalence system) 20% over the 100% system) and Foreign language (From the exams that are valid or equivalent in English on the condition at least 75 points and CoHE (YOK) (30%) and interview score (15%) (written and oral) are taken into consideration. Applications of undergraduate graduates will not be accepted. In the period of admission, provided that they are not less than 80 score, equal weight ALES (60%), undergraduate graduation not less than 3 out of 4, MsD GPA (10%) and Foreign Language (English and CoHE(YOK) valid or equivalent exams 80 or above scores. (20%) and interview (20%) (written and oral) are taken into consideration. If the writing exam is online, Turnitin 30% limit is required. Since the program has 100% scholarship, candidates may not be admitted to the program even if they meet all the requirements

Acquired Degree: Doctorate Diploma

Medium of Instruction:Turkish