Antalya Bilim University aims to contribute to both science and industry and economy both regionally and nationally. Master's degree programs are of great importance for universities in order to sustain the projects and research activities and studies within the academic environment. In addition, faculty members, staff and graduate students in the university contribute to the development of the Antalya region and our country in science and industry together with the projects and researches they will carry out in their fields. In this context, graduate programs in universities can evaluate the academic staff efficiently in their fields of expertise and provide a great acceleration in keeping up to date in the scientific and academic activities that are progressing day by day.

  Civil Engineering plays a key role in the development of science and industry in today's world. In almost all of the academic development and in the works to increase the productivity and sustainability within the industry, Civil Engineers require significant technical methods. For example, in Civil Engineering applications, training and research are carried out on planning, projecting, construction and inspection of all types of buildings, dams, airports, bridges, roads, harbors, sewers, water networks, etc.

  The lack of qualified staff is more important than the lack of infrastructure in meeting the needs in these areas. An engineer with a bachelor's degree may not be able to develop certain advanced solutions. Postgraduate education provides a very important advantage in solving problems that require innovative approaches and the latest technologies. Master's program, students; To identify the original and new problem, to explore the latest techniques and approaches, to understand and to compare them, to adapt the selected technique to the problem in the original way, such as the ability to provide skills. These skills are the key to adding innovative added value to existing products and services as well as creating new jobs with new ideas and technologies.