Aim of the program:The first year of the program starts with an intensive course program aimed at gaining theoretical knowledge and equipment, as well as clinical observation and practice. In the second year of the program, students learn and develop their clinician and psychotherapist skills by taking supervision within the framework of a training for practice and intervention. Also in the second year, students are expected to write a master thesis by designing and conducting an original research. Individuals who will graduate from this program are aimed to be clinical psychologists who have awareness and insight, who continue to observe, recognize and understand themselves, have the responsibility to develop their professional knowledge and competencies throughout their life, who always update and strengthen their knowledge and skills by following scientific developments in the field and adhere to ethical values and principles, and are aware of their responsibilities

Application Conditions:

Acquired Degree:Master's Degree

Medium of Instruction:Turkish

Type of Education: Postgraduate Formal Education


Course Content:

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