Aim of the program:Our Cyber Security Master (CSM) program has been designed to prepare students with the necessary foundations for understanding, designing, and developing assured and secure systems (hardware/software/data) in order to predict, prevent or deter, and respond to Cyber attacks. The students will demonstrate proficiency in major areas of Cryptology, Intrusion detection and Prevention, Digital Forensics, Systems and Network Vulnerability Assessing and Protection. With the knowledge and ability, they will put their knowledge and abilities into good use and prevent malicious use of these systems. In addition, Antalya Bilim University CSM program students are expected to find jobs in information assurance industry, or even employed as being a member of the state Cybersecurity team, or if they wish, they could continue to their academic education to pursue research-oriented careers.

Application Conditions: 

Acquired Degree:Master of Science in Cyber Security

Medium of Instruction:Turkish

Type of Education: Postgraduate Formal Education


Course Content:


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