The fundamental aim of the Law School at ABU is to educate individuals who value democratic institutions to carry out the fundamental tasks necessary to secure human rights and basic freedoms. Graduates from the Department of Law will be able to practice their profession in the globalizing world and evaluate a variety of incidents, phenomena, ideas and institutions from a legal aspect. To this end, in addition to the core curriculum, the Law School offers students a variety of elective courses that increase their awareness of the law. 30% of the courses in the faculty are offered in English, with education in German also being provided. Student exchange programs can be carried out with a number of universities in different countries. In addition to theoretical and practical courses, the Department of Law also organizes a variety of academic/cultural activities and ensures that the students take an active role in these activities. The aim is that graduates will find employment opportunities in leading public institutions and organizations, or work as judges, public prosecutors or lawyers.