Aim of the program: Architecture Master's Program; It is a specialization program that aims to transfer theoretical and methodological knowledge based on social, cultural, economic, environmental and physical factors to shape natural or artificial physical environments and to develop technical and design skills through these transfers. The program covers social and cultural sub-titles such as Urban Development and Renewal, Conservation and Restoration, Innovation in Manufacturing and Construction, Computer Aided Design, Theory and Criticism. It is aimed to provide skills such as defining an original and new problem, understanding and comparing current techniques and approaches, and adapting the chosen technique in a problem-oriented manner.

Outputs; architectural and urban design process theories and methods / informatics-digital design / architectural expression / building elements / building materials / building physics / building production and management / architectural history and theory / conservation and restoration / recognizing the fields of environment and sustainability.


Application Conditions:

Acquired Degree:Master Architect (if the Undergraduate Diploma is in Architecture)

Medium of Instruction:Turkish

Type of Education:


Course Content:

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