The aim of the Master's Degree Program in non-Thesis Occupational Health and Safety is to provide vocational education and training to professionals working in various industries within the framework of relevant laws and regulations.

With the entry into force of the Law No. 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety, there is a shortage of experts trained in this field in our country.

Due to the fact that this need will continue for a long time, the opening of the Master's Degree Program in Occupational Health and Safety is an inevitable necessity for our country and it has been an opportunity for our students who want to develop and develop themselves scientifically in this field.

The engineers, architects or other technical personnel who have master degree in Occupational Health and Safety are given the right to apply directly to the class (B) Occupational Safety Specialist exam.

Graduates of the Master's Degree directly qualify for B-Class specialty certificate examinations of the Ministry is a great job opportunity and time saving for those who want to work in this field.       

Occupational Health and Safety Expertise is the profession of today and the future.


     All undergraduate graduates who have made a career plan in OHS can apply to this program. There is no section limitation.

    However, in order to obtain an Occupational Safety Specialist certificate, the candidate must graduate from any of the following faculties or departments and be successful in the examination to be made for occupational safety expertise.


Who Can Become an OSH Expert?

Faculty of Science and Letters, Physics, Chemistry, Biology department graduates

Engineering faculty graduates

Faculty of Architecture graduates

Technical Education Faculty graduates

Occupational health and safety program graduates of trade schools.


General Conditions

The language of the program is "Turkish".

ALES and LANGUAGE scores are not required.

The program consists of "10 courses (30 credits)" for 3 semesters.

Students who are successful in courses and project assignment have the opportunity to complete the program in one year.

In order to graduate, students prepare “Master Project” in addition to the normal courses.


OPPORTUNITY TO COMPLETE IN ONE YEAR: Occupational Health and Safety Master's program consists of 3 semesters. Students who are successful in the courses and project assignments they have taken throughout the program can graduate in an academic calendar year.


Courses Location, Day and Hours

On Saturdays 09.00 am - 6.00 pm

The courses will be held at Antalya Bilim University Continuing Education Application and Research Center.

Address: Tahılpazarı Mah. Adnan Menderes Blv. No: 84 Muratpaşa / ANTALYA (MarkAntalya Shopping Center)