The aim of the Associate Program of Opticianry is to equip our students with modern knowledge and skills to support patients with optical defects and diseases and train intermediate staff that our country needs in this field. Within this context, by taking courses such as Opticianry, Spectacle Glass Technologies, Vision Optics, Clinical Optics and Rehabilitation, Contact Lens and Optical Diseases, our students gain the required knowledge and skills to read the prescriptions written out by expert ophthalmologists, assist treatments and/or prepare optical materials such as spectacle glass for patients in accordance with the measurements they perform. Opticianry Program is a 2-year associate program where the medium of instruction is Turkish, and it admits students based on the TYT (Basic Proficiency Test) score type. Students who graduate from the program can work as technicians and/or responsible managers in public and private institutions in the field of opticianry as well as opening their own enterprises. Students who successfully complete all courses included in the curriculum become entitled to earn the “Opticianry Associate Diploma” and the title, “Optician.” In accordance with the provisions of the Directive on Continuation of the Graduates of Vocational Schools and Distance Education Associate Programs to Undergraduate Education, graduates can also apply for undergraduate programs announced by the Student Selection and Placement Center through the Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS), provided that quotas are opened in their fields.