In our university, exams consist of midterm and final exam. The examinations are made according to the program prepared and announced by our faculty. It is obligatory to present student ID cards to enter the exams. There is no make-up exam application in our university and there is a summer school program.

The midterm exam is an examination made during the semester in which a course in the undergraduate curriculum is given. At least one midterm exam can be held in each semester, or homework, projects and similar studies can be used at the discretion of the instructor instead of a midterm exam. The final exam is held within the dates specified in the academic calendar at the end of the semester at which the course is taught. In order to participate in the final examinations, 70% attendance must be completed. At the end of the semester, success grades are determined by various measurement and evaluation criteria such as homework, project, presentation, class attendance and attendance to classes.

The academic competence of our students is determined by calculating the grade average at the end of each semester. From the end of the second semester, the average grade point average is 2.00 and the students with higher grades are successful; while the status of students under 1.99 is considered to be academically inadequate. Students who fail in a common curriculum in the curriculum of the program must take the course again in the first semester of the course. A student who fails in elective courses may compensate by taking a different elective course at the same weight in other periods. Even if all the remaining graduation conditions are fulfilled before the failed courses are completed, the student cannot be awarded the graduation certificate.

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